MMMmmmm Food!

MMMmmmm Food!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lobster Rolls To Die For!

The weather has started to hint at Spring!  And that makes me think of Summer!  
And Summer = Lobster Rolls!

Coming home from work the other day, I couldn't help but run up to the roof quickly to check out the sun setting past the Hudson.  There was so much pink in the sky - you could tell warmer weather is coming!  Can't wait for it to actually be Summer and take some Lobster to eat outside on the roof.  Sorry Taz, no dogs allowed up there!

What you'll want to get:

1 pound of fresh lobster meat
1-2 lemons
3 tbsp butter
6 top-split hot dog buns
kettle style potato chips

This would probably serve 3-4 people.  It was too much for John and I - but I got to have a delicious lunch the next day!  So no complaints here. 

Cut up the pieces of lobster into small, bite-size chunks.  Open the hot dog buns a little bit and toast them in an oven (350 for a few minutes - keep an eye on them).  Cut up a lemon into segments - some you'll squeeze on the roll, some for the plate.  Also melt about 3 tbsp butter.

Taz says:

"Daddy and I love lobster rolls SO much!  But if you want to make the BEST one ever... don't use all that filler junk!  No globs of mayo, no celery, just lobster!"

Because Taz is so dogmatic (ha) - load each toasted bun with chunks of lobster meat.  (On my two hot dog buns I spread a tiny amount of mayonnaise - John doesn't do mayo!  That's why he loves this type of lobster roll - you don't need mayo).  Drizzle a spoonful of butted on the lobster.  Finally - throw on some chopped chives for added flavor.  The whole idea is that you want to taste LOBSTER - not mayo and veggies.  The large chunks are amazing too - you can see the CLAW MEAT - it's not a ground up lobster salad spread!

Damn, these were soooo good.


  1. This is how the Crab Shell in Stamford makes them and, in my opinion, is the only way to eat them. If you are going to make a lobster roll with mayo and celery, you may as well make a seafood salad with Neptune Blend.

    I am still grappling with the very real fact that every time I read your blog I have an insane craving for lobster.

  2. About to whip me up some Lobster Rolls, Schmiedel style.