MMMmmmm Food!

MMMmmmm Food!

Monday, March 7, 2011

BBQ Pulled Pork!

Time for a puppy play date lunch!
Taz thought it would be fun to have a play date with Riley the pug!  How cute are they??!

Here's what you need:

3-4 lbs. boneless pork shoulder
6-8 tbsp pork spice rub (I used mccormick grill mates pork rub)
2/3 cup apple cider vinegar
2 spanish onions
2 tbsp light brown sugar
grapeseed oil spray
lots of BBQ Sauce (I like the Jack Daniels ones)
8 hamburger buns
The night before you want to have this - rub about a tbsp of apple cider vinegar all over the meat - then rub on the spice mix.  This particular brand said about 2 tbsp per pound of meat.  Mine was almost 4 pounds, so I used about 7 tbsp of rub.
Place the pork shoulder in a zip lock bag and refrigerate overnight.  (if you can't do overnight, anything over 1 hour is good).
When ready to start the cooking, take the meat out and let it rest at room temperature for awhile.  It's going to be very cold - better for even cooking if the inside isn't super cold and outside room temp.  Heat up a large frying pan with a little grapeseed oil spray.  (This is a great oil for medium-high temps - it won't smoke a lot).  When the pan is hot, sear the entire outside of the meat.  Probably about 3 minutes on every side.  Use some heavy duty tongs to hold the meat in place if it wants to roll to a side already browned.
Put the meat into the slow cooker (The one I have is a 6.5 quart size).  Now, turn the heat off and add 2/3 cup vinegar and 2 tbsp brown sugar to the pan.  Use a large spoon to scrape up the bits stuck to the bottom.
Cut the onions in half and place them around the meat.  Pour in the vinegar/sugar mixture from the frying pan all over the meat.  Cook on the LOW setting for at least 8 hours (I let mine cook for 8.5)
Above:  When the cooking was about 1/2 way complete - I poured some BBQ sauce all over the meat!
OK!  We are done!  The apartment smells amazing!  Such a tease to be here on the weekend while it cooks.  I recommend doing this on say, a Tuesday - that way you can be at work thinking about it - not thinking about AND smelling it...
Cut the meat into a couple thick slices.  This makes shredding a little easier.
Shredding can be a little time consuming.  Use two forks to scrape at the meat.  (You also want to keep a good amount of the fat - mash it up in there too.  It makes the meat moist and adds flavor!)
Add as much BBQ sauce as you want - keep the slow cooker on low or a warm setting.  Now all you have to do it pile the meat on some classic hamburger buns - potato rolls are great too!
Time for a beer!!! 
And watch the pups run all around!

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  1. this was really cruel of you.. do you understand what Pulled Pork does to me???